Sometimes or most of the times when she met some new people ,specifically, the time when she shifted to a new place, a new pg on a sharing basis.

Once she used to settle down in the new place, there came the time when after taking a bath, she came out mentally prepared to listen to the next statement from her roommate. Guess what it can be that. Hey!! your eyes are too red…just have a look in the mirror, I think some insect bit you. And then, she will be laughing and the only dialogue she would convey to justify herself – Its all fine, nothing to worry. The redness in my eyes just after bathing is hereditary, I got it from my father. Only my father and uncle have this thing in our family. She used to iterate this with amusement and the only thought which overwhelmed her was, “May be my marriage change the address in my passport, also surname if the guy’s family turned out to be staunch about it. But, one thing I can proudly own is this heredity which no one in this whole world can snatch from me except for death.” With her right foot toes like her father and left like her mother and as a topping above it her toes having grey nails which used to look very untidy as if she hadn’t cleaned them for years was another bliss she got from her grandmother. Her curly hair which give her the look of a typical South Indian girl with one of her colleagues often saying, You look like Reddy’s, a compliment which used to delight her always as and when she remembered. The only emotion behind all these instances is that she knew with whosoever she spends her life with, she will carry the priceless resemblances no matter wherever she goes, whatever she does for it instills her with love.