Amongt us lie some of the most inexpensive people who don’t want to spend some amount in buying a thing which can be compensated by asking someone for the matter if the thing is of utmost importance and if its needed on a daily basis. People are least hesistant in asking again and again. If I talk about myself, taking an example of smartphone. As is my phone important to me so is the if I had got my charger life ended I will rush to buy a new one asap means if its a weekday may be I think of waiting for a weekend and buy it. But not more than that for I believe that if something is essentially required, possessing it every single time retains your peace of mind from thousands of ideas which anyone will innovate to get hold onto a person having the thing you need at the moment.

Here being rich doesn’t matters as I am talking about esentials..what I have observed is that some xyz person will give an excuse of not having money to buy a new charger and the same evening you can see that person eating roadside…even if its the street food it doesn’t comes at zero cost so what’s the point in expressing your poor finances..what is quite visible is that finances are not poor but the management done is wrong. Although it tells if what is important to you.