As an avid tea lover, I just don’t enjoy having tea, but experimenting with it. Sometimes, it will be a regular tea, sometimes, black tea with a garnishing of tulsi leaves and lemon, on the other days it will be a green tea with honey, ginger and lemon tinch.

So, as I came back from home after spending more than a week, during my lunch time I was out to buy the finished stock of ginger and lemon. I am a regular buyer and also more or less , I purchase it from the vegetable seller which is at the most convenient distance from my room. So, the bhaiya ji remembers my face thanks to the regular visits which are sometimes I would say more regular than the Temple visits.

So, there was a girl buying tomatoes. While I was waiting and watching for her to leave, I was smiling for the request she made.

While bhaiya ji was putting green chillies in her poly bag, she quickly said, “I don’t need them still if you want you can put one or two.” Seriously if you don’t use then why one or two also. In our cities when you buy vegetables, you get green chillies for free from the kind thelawalas.

So, when she left bhaiya ji called me to the backside of thela. He held one tomato in his hand and pointing to the carton full of tomatoes on the otherside, he asked me if which were desi tomatoes. In reply, I pointed towars the round tomatoes in the carton.

Then he told that the girl who left was not ready to accept the same and argued that you making me fool, I know enough the difference between desi and hybrid tomatoes. After telling this, he was quiet for sometime. And then spoke, “I am selling vegetables for 10 years and I don’t know about desi tomatoes. May be she knew better than I”.

May be the vegetable seller hadn’t the knowledge of engineering books the girl had, but yes about the variety of vegetables and how to distinguish the hybrid ones and the desi ones, he will always be better than the rest.

Courtesies help us grow. They are more like an expansion in our current set of experience and smiles for the next person.