Perplexions, dilemmas have been my hot favorite all the times. Its the only midway out of many things which I only have felt or expressed at the extremes. The only change amongst that monotonous sequence of bizarre, that the coherence of mine. The zero contentment zone for me.

Love, passion, dedication, consistencies are maintained.. but doubts… Its a mood. Its not always, its not sometimes, it lies somewhere in mid of the two occurrences. The point where I don’t stop thinking but I tend to think of more than 2 things/ways I can go for.

But, it is cherishable beyond anything. For its the moment, when I will be planning on the most cautious note thinking of all possible pros and cons on each of the possible way otherwise it will be too simple. Something which makes me realize what are my priorities, what shall I be looking on first go when I face the situation next time in life.

Doubt is the pain I storm through to reach the serene end..  Happy Weekend 🙂