Waiting for that one minute to leave the blanket to get ready for school/college/office is the time where we know keeping our eyes closed beyond that one minute and we will be late. We will be rushing and struggling to finish the things in time. Still, we don’t learn much, we keep on repeating it, sometimes missing an appointment/a lecture/a book reading session/ a treat, but we cherish it. Not for we missed something, but the thousands of tricks we did to make up for that one lost moment when we even went one step further on the roads of indiscipline to justify our day as the perfect one. Its the beauty of the human mind to be engrossed in too many things and then finally embossing it with a happy/adventurous moment forever.

She had been pondering over the thoughts when she held her present by the view of the children returning from school. One thought which still persisted in her mind was the awareness. Seeing the children, she felt as if how much aware were they at the tender age. Was there any need also? With time will all be blessed with the same energies or will they lag in their consciousness as they grew up.

The two friends walking and laughing together stopped,  when one of them bent down to tie up the loose shoe laces and the other one busy enjoying the candy.

It was then something clicked her as if they were mindful enough in doing the activities one just halting for other one and one just tying it up quickly. We are not always aware equally, some instances of higher importance are dominated by the other ones when it comes to be receptive of them. At the others, we learn it by observations we make about the things and perceive from the people around us as she was doing…