Talking about capabilities was not something she learnt as a new-born, each passing rise, each passing fall of the tide made her capable enough to stand and listen, to look back and then move forward without teary eyes, to be too close and to be too far at the same moment. Capable of working at a stretch when she can’t manage to eat because of her hectic schedule, capable of standing for few more hours during her daily travel when she will be thinking if she was not too old to ask for a seat and then somewhere she will be praying if some one offered her a seat for her  pain taking over her senses.

With the ease to make decisions which were not influenced by any one except her own self, she was far more capable of getting things done with the scarcest of the resources.  The days were beautiful far beyond her imagination not by just being capable but trying harder for the sake of commitments she had made to herself.  On the contrary, there used to be stuff, she didn’t know and her disinterest ended zeroing what could have been a great learning for her and further leading to the one more step on the staircase of her potential.

It’s with passage of time, tranquility is needed to suppress fears, hesitations and finally turning out to be capable which happened to her everyday in small bits-small enough for her to chew, swallow and then remembering the taste forever.