With the years to move on, with the words to follow , with the people to turn back to have a glimpse, she felt life to be pretty good with the endless flow of ages. The myths have to be googled to turn into facts, with the practicality to be given importance over ideology, she was finding herself to be more immersed into the pool of feminism. When she realized that if she learned to love herself, she will be happy.. She will need not a guy to propose her. She, living an age, where this fantasized feeling used to take a toll on her when she felt to have someone in her life too, missing in the kind of life she had lived so far. Having a lots of girlfriend is a blessing in disguise.

It should happen to every girl in order to cope up the fight of finding friends forever. Where you know each other more than the spoken words, hand written notes, its in the eyes that have to be read, its in the actions that have to be interpreted, its in the soul which has to be tested atleast once for its sanctity as regards to friendship.

She was innocent enough who used to say everything happens for good and that every person in the world is good. Coming across cities, coming across people, looking back to her people, her friends, she had been left disappointed, with the only thing to hold on- tears and the only thing to be continued-move on..