It’s yesterday’s story, when I was about to leave for my place form the office premises and the one statement made by him spoiled my mood. Thought it to be worth mentioning over here.

So, not running into the session of dialogues, I shall mention that one sentence. It was “Your smile will not help them resolve their issues”. I don’t know how can someone comment on the personal gestures of the next person. Each person has his own stride in which he/she takes the things and works on it further.

If someone replies with a flake of smile, it doesn’t means the person was incapable of doing the things which he/she wanted to hide with his/her smile. Moreover, for me its like I don’t want to enter into a heated discussion with though when I don’t agree with you or something else is there which was more important waiting for me outside…blah blah.

There is always hard work behind that pretty smile which makes others inspire from her/him and be jealous at the same time. After all, its not easy for everyone to smile also. Its the suppression of that reaction which any third person would give if he/she was in  my situation.

Thanks for bearing me through this whole para. 🙂