It was Saturday evening… After making an inspection into PG accomodation food, me and my friends went out in search for dinner. Finally, we ended at one stop for all cookies, pastries, sandwiches – the world famous “Karachi Bakery” of Hyderabad. After 10 -15 minutes, we were able to grab our sandwich order. It was then that we moved towards the open area to have ourselves seated. We were eating and chatting, with the laughter filling  the aura – obviously it was the first visit I paid to the amazing eating place when one of our friends told that the girl and guy sitting adjacent to ours were fighting.

We were not able to figure it out as the girl has smartly placed a box which was too apt in its position to curtain her face. We were busy in ourselves, when we realized that they were shouting loud enough to have our attention. It was I who was able to crack the code with the 2 heated arguments made by them.

Girl said, ‘She said you love her’ and the guy’s reaction to this was, ‘Listen, I don’t love her.’ After listening to their comments, the only thing I could recall was that just 2 statements were enough to sum up the whole drama. Too perfect with a sandwich bite!!!